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At 9.30am, find out about the latest IT innovations and market trends.
Octave Klaba, Founder and Chairman of OVH, and Laurent Allard, Vice-Chairman and Strategy Director, will be presenting our biggest achievements this year!

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Octave Klaba CEO and Chairman

Octave Klaba founded OVH in 1999. Today, as CEO and Chairman of the group, he leads the strategic execution and the technological schedule of the enterprise with 2000 employees throughout 19 countries around the world.

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Laurent Allard Vice-Chairman and head of Strategic Development

With a total of 35 years of experience in the IT world, Laurent Allard is Vice-Chairman at OVH. His Strategic Development mission includes strategic planning, public affairs, and strategic alliances.

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Ray O’Farrell Executive vice president and chief technology officer - VMware

Ray O’Farrell is executive vice president and chief technology officer at VMware. He is head of Global Services and Customer Advocacy, giving him an overview of the entire customer experience.

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Russ Reeder President and CEO of OVH US

Russ is the President and CEO of OVH US. A veteran technologist and chief executive to software and cloud businesses, Russ specializes in building high-growth, disruptive businesses marrying a customer-centric vision and innovative solutions.

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Alexandre Morel SVP corporate Strategy

Alexandre Morel is OVH’s SVP of Corporate Strategy. His team is responsible for monitoring international markets and IT trends and modelling scenarios to support strategic planning for the future of the business.

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